Installment Loans For Bad Credit Up to $ 15,000 Without Commission!

What is Arana?

This company has the mission of offering its clients a bank with fewer complications and offering more options. That is why they created this innovative alternative, where you can get money quickly and efficiently at any time and place. Arana operations are entirely digital and have a 24-hour service availability.

What is Arana? It is the safest and fastest site to get an online credit. After applying the application it will take minutes to obtain an approval response and the transfer to your bank account will be automatic. In Arana, they offer very flexible forms and payment terms and their clients are not at risk.

The Arana loans have a maximum amount of 6,000 pesos and a flexible repayment term that can reach 6 months. Through your loan simulator, you can find out which is the best option that suits your needs. You must enter the website and complete the amount and date of repayment of the loan, for example, 3,000 pesos to be returned in three months. Then you must choose to make biweekly payments, which in this case would be 780 pesos, or monthly payments, in this case, would be 1,524 pesos. Finally, the simulator will calculate the interests, which in this case are 1,571 pesos.

When you finalize the application for your loan and the company proceeds to approve it, the payment process will begin. You should keep in mind that the payment term will vary according to the hours of service of the bank that you have. If after 3 business days you do not receive your money in the bank account, you should contact the technical support team immediately.

The company offers you the possibility of canceling your application during the course of the application before confirming the loan using the SMS code. After confirming the acceptance of the loan, you can cancel it in the first 10 days. Anyway, it is always convenient to analyze the personal possibilities before asking for a loan.

Requirements to apply for your personal loan

You can have access to request an Arana Loan if you meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Mexican citizen.
  • To be of legal age
  • Have your own bank account
  • Have an email address and a mobile phone.

If you do not want to connect your loan with online banking, you can enter your CLABE and the company’s system will take care of the confirmation. Anyway, from MonedoNow recommend the connection with your bank account, since it is the fastest way to verify data. You should also know that the credits can only be directed to accounts of a single owner and not of relatives or friends.

On the other hand, if you use your online banking to request your credit, the process will be faster and you will only have to present your IFE or INE in force. In another case, you must present the following documentation:

  • The last states of your account.
  • Your IFE / INE
  • Proof of address.

How to apply for a loan?

To obtain installment loans you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website.
  2. Complete the information of your loan, the amount and the term of return, in the credit simulator and then press Get my offer.
  3. Enter your personal information and register an account.
  4. Once your request is made, the site will inform you if it was accepted or not in a few minutes.
  5. When your loan is approved it will be deposited in your bank account automatically.

Payment methods of the loan online

At this point, the Arana loans are very flexible. You can activate credit payments directly to your debit or credit cards, to forget about making transfers. On the other hand, you also have the possibility to pay easily through your Arana account with your cards or generating a document to pay at any Oxxo or Bancomer branch.

Customer service

If you have problems making your request, with your requirements, or want to make changes to your loan, you can contact the customer service available to solve your problems. To contact the help team of Currency Now, you can choose between any of these forms of communication:

  • Through a phone call, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Through an email.

Advantages of online personal loans

  • These online loans can reach an amount of 15,000 pesos, for those customers who have a history on the site.
  • It does not bring complications. They are totally online and transparent loans.
  • The customer service has a 24-hour availability every day of the week.
  • The maximum return period to return your credit is 6 months.
  • They respond to loan requests immediately.
  • They offer the greatest flexibility to make the corresponding payments.