Payday Loans Up to $ 2,000!

What is Lewis?

If you are planning a birthday party, a weekend trip, an idea to start a venture or want to go to a special concert but do not have the money, you can get the right amount in Lewis, the site where you will find the best financing quickly and effectively, only through an online procedure that will take a few minutes.

It is a trademark that offers payday loans online very easily so that you meet your financial goals. The mission of loans-n-loans lender is to place finance at a new level, generating the trust that its customers need. No small print, no tricks, the company believes in each of its users and invite them to grow financially together.

Lewis loans have a maximum initial amount of $ 2,000 pesos. If you have a credit history of 660 points, you can reach to ask for an amount of $ 5,000 pesos. On the other hand, the repayment terms vary in fourteen or fifteen, from the day your loan was deposited. The payment of the credit is made automatically by your credit card, however, the site will notify you before having to make a charge. There is also the possibility of paying it by bank transfer or a cash deposit per window at the bank.

Lewis Mexico recognizes its responsible, committed and punctual users with their credit payments, rewarding them with longer repayment terms, higher amounts and less interest on subsequent personal loan?s. They also award medals so they can share with their friends, and offers the possibility of participating in monthly raffles where their users can win important prizes.

Lewis is safe and they have all their information available in the Registry of Financial Services Providers that are part of CONDUSEF, a platform that is responsible for endorsing financial institutions. They also comply with the ordinances of the National Banking Securities Commission and had the attention of important media such as CNN Expansión, El Universal,, El Financiero and Infotel.

In the Lewis credit site, you can find a section with the testimonials of users who were satisfied with the loans of this company. They currently have more than 40,000 followers on their Facebook page and have an important presence in the main social platforms.

Credit responsibility of the company

Lewis has the social responsibility to grant credits that can only be paid. From the company, they consider that the credit history is an asset of great value for young people and they designed strategies to take care of the results. The following qualifications ensure whether people are eligible or not to apply for a loan:

  • A score below 550: It implies that the applicant is facing a high debt or in a delinquent situation. It would be irresponsible for the company to grant another loan.
  • Rating between 550 and 660: Talk about an active record, therefore from the company will seek not to borrow. If you recently acquired a credit, you may not have the approval of a new one.
  • Students: If you are a student you will have to take precautions to avoid becoming indebted. Depending on your history, your loan may have a limit of $ 2,000 pesos.

Requirements to apply for a credit online

In Lewis, obtaining a personal loan is a very simple procedure and only requires the following conditions:

  • Be between 18 and 55 years old.
  • Have an optimal credit history.
  • Have Mexican nationality
  • Have a valid national identity document.
  • Have your own bank account

How do I apply for a personal loan?

  1. Enter the official website.
  2. Go to the Request Loan section and connect to your Facebook account profile.
  3. Once you have entered the site, you must choose the amount of your credit and the return period.
  4. Then complete the form with your personal data and your bank details without omitting any information that may be essential.
  5. The team of the company will be in charge of verifying the entered data and of giving you a prompt answer.
  6. Finally, when the loan is approved, you will have your personal credit automatically deposited in your bank account.